Chapter 1: Ship's Eyes, page 1

Matt cruise was on crows nest duty tonight.  Matt had spotted another ship in the sky.  It was at night so he couldn’t tell what it was.  He reported it to the bridge, and they shined their lights on the ship.  It turned out to be a hot air balloon.  The aurora then rescued the Balloon.  Matt had to jump from the Aurora, about 10 feet, to the Endurance, the name of the balloon, to save the pilot.   The pilot’s name was Benjamin Molloy who was trying to circumnavigate the globe in this balloon.  The next morning Matt went to see how he was doing.  Ben asked him if he had seen the creatures.  To be polite Matt said yes, but he was soon caught lying.  Ben had a cough attack, and was pronounced dead at the end of the chapter

Chapter 2: Up Ship! page 24

One year after the previous chapter the crew was loading up the Aurora on food, supplies, and passengers to tak e to Sydney Australia.  The ship itself weight more than 2 million pounds, but with hydrium, the worlds lightest gas, the ship itself weighted less than air.  The ship then took of from its port in Lionsgate City, England, while the passengers weree enjoying their breakfast.  Matt saw an ornithopter, a small flying machine that has beating wings to keep it aloft, buzzing around the ship.  The captain radioed the pilot to see what he wanted.  The ornithopter was carrying two of the passengers to the ship that missed boarding, and requested to dock.  The captain gave permission.  The ship lowered the docking trapeese.  The ornithopter came in the first time, but a gust of wind blew it off course, so it dived and made a turn.  It approached the trapeese for a second try, and succesfully docked.  The ornithopter was carrying Kate de Vries, and her Chaperone Miss Simpkins.  Kate thanked the pilot and enjoyed the flight, while her Chaperone criticized the pilot for missing the docking the first time.  Matt took the two passengers to the topkapi stateroom.

Chapter 3: Kate, page 41

This chapter starts with Matt making breakfast.  Mr. Lisbon came in and told him that the captain wanted to see him.  Matt was excited, he thought he was going to be promoted to Jr. Sailmaker.  The captain told him that he couldn’t promote him because he had to give the job to Bruce Lunardi, the Liner’s owner’s son.  Matt didn’t blame the captain, he just hated Bruce.  The next part of the chapter matt gives Kate a tour of the ship.  Kate was very interested in everything that Matt had to say.  At the end of the tour Kate asked about the balloon.  Matt told her about the event.  Kate then told Matt that the pilot of the balloon was her grandfather, and that she was on this trip to see what he saw.

Chapter 4: Hot chocolate for two, page 58

This chapter starts with Matt Cruise, and Kate de Vries finishing their tour of the Aurora.  Miss Simpkins was waiting for them in the Lobby, and was astonished that it was only the two of them that went on the tour.  She did not approve of it, and said that it was most improper.  Matt left Kate, and went to his Cabin.  Baz asked what was wrong, but he didn't feel like talking about it, so he just went to sleep.  at 7:00pm They both woke up.  Matt talked about Brunce Lundarni about taking his job.  Baz joked around with Matt, and cheered him up.  The two of them then went to breakfast.  The two chefs were arguing with eachother, but that was nothing new.  They both claimed that they can never understand eachother, so they often fight.  Bruce came and ate with the crew that night.  He was nice to the crew, and told jokes about his father.  Mat didn't like him, but didn't reat him badly.  He didn't like how polite he was, and wished he was an arrogant jerk so that he could feel justified while despising him.  Matt then went up to work in the Lounge.  Kate was there, and tried to talk to him, but Miss Simpkins prevented them from doing so.  At Midnight Matt got an order through the message tubes from the Topkapi Stateroom ordering two hot chocolates.  He happily delivered the order.  Kate answered the door, and talked to Matt for a little bit.  Matt looked around at her camera set, and Kate said that she was there to try and see what her Grandfather saw.  However, Miss simpkins woke up.  Kate quickly gave Matt the log, and rushed him out the door.

Chapter 5: The Log of the Endurance, page 73

Matt began to read the log.  The log starts out with Benjamin Molloy seeing large birds over an uncharted island in the Pacific.  After a few days he realized they weren’t birds.  He drew many detailed sketches of the animals, and scientifical drawings of their possible skeletons.  In detail he described their feeding, mostly on flying birds, and the birthing process, the mothers would fly up high, give birth, and watch the baby fall until it opened its wings and flew.  Towards the end of the log he saw that they were migrating.  The next day he was caught in a tropical storm.  Many pictures of crazed animals appeared in his log.  Matt just thought that they were scribbling of a mad man, and returned the log to Kate during breakfast.  They discussed whether they were real.  Matt didn’t think that they were, but was convinced by Kate that the first one had to be real.

Chapter 6: Szpirglas, page 90

This chapter starts with Matt in the crows nest.  He is thinking about how he went down to the bridge and found out when they would be closest to the island, which was around breakfast, and told Kate by writing a message in a napkin and giving it to her during breakfast.  Back in the crows nest a creature landed on the ship.  He asked the bridge for permission to open the hatch and see what it was.  He was granted permission, and opened the hatch.  It was only an albatross though.  He quickly shooed it away, but saw another airship during this process.  He rushed back and reported this to the bridge.  After a series of evasion maneuvers, the pirate ship caught up to the Aurora.  The pirates boarded the ship, and demanded Loot.  The Captain bartered so that they wouldn’t hurt the passengers, the Pirate’s captain, Szpirglas, said yes.  The crew members of the Aurora, accompanied by a pirate, and then went from room to room telling the passengers of the situation, and to go the lounge.  Matt was assigned to Kate’s room.  Miss Simpkins opened the door, and said that she wouldn’t leave, but the pirate pushed pasted her.  Once all of the passengers were in the Lounge, a crew member brought back Mr. Featherstone who had been caught sending an SOS.  Szpirglas then shot him point blank in the head.  He died instantly.  The pirates then left, but both ships were already sailing into a storm.  The storm pushed the pirate ship into the Aurora, and punctured many Hydrium cells, and caused the ship to start sinking.

Chapter 7: SInking, page 109

After the damage from the pirate ship, the Aurora was losing hydrium very quickly.  All of the sail makers, including Matt, went up to the exterior of the ship to repair the holes.  Matt worked fast, and was very agile while manuevering about the ship.  A wind gust blew, and caused the ship to roll.  Most of the crew fell off, but none fell due to their safety lines.  Lundarni, however, was still upside down from the roll.  Matt quickly went and helped him get right side up again.  Out of curiosity Matt stayed there and watched him work.  Bruce worked slow, but was very neat in his work.  Bruce thanked Matt and went back to work.  Matt returned to his spot and kept patching.  After 5 more patches the crew was required to get all of the passengers ready for a crash landing.  The ship was going to land in the ocean.  Right as they were about to touch down, Matt saw fog, which meant land.  "land ho!" he cried.  The captain then landed the Aurora on the Beach, where the crew tethered it down tightly.

Chapter 8: The Island, page 120

Captain walken was standing on the beach, and addressing all of the passengers about their situation.  He told them that the status of the ship was badly damaged, but that after a few repairs, and lightening of the ship, she would fly again.  However, he did not know when she could fly.  He also told them that meals would be served at the same time, and that breakfast will be comming shortly.  The crew then brought out plates to the passengers.  Matt was required to serve breakfast, but all he wanted to do was help the sailmakers repair the Aurora.  He complained about this to Baz, who cheared him up to making fun of the rich passengers and their fresh croissants.  After Matt ate he was ordered by the captain to sleep.  he wanted to help reapiar, but went to his cabin anyway.  He couldn't sleep, so he got up and left his room.  He ran into Baz and Lundarni out on the beach, who were going to look for fresh water.  Bruce was very thankfull towards Matt in saving him the other night, which made Matt even more unhappy about how friendly he was.  The three then ran into kate.  She said that there was a stream neaby, and guided them to it.  They went to the area, and sure enough they found a stream.  Baz and Bruce then left to report the stream to the captain.  Matt then went to talk to Kate alone.  She like the thought of being trapped on an island, and related the whole experience to a book.  This made Matt angry, he didn't like to be grounded.  He yelled at her for thinking this way, and she quickly appologized, which made Matt feel guilty.  They discussed that the Island might be the one in Kate's grandpa's Log.  Mat didn't think so, until he saw the mountain, then he was sure this was it.

Chapter 9: Bones, page 134

Kate marched off into the jungle.  Matt pleaded with her to turn around, but Kate insisted.  Kate had acted like she had all the power, until Matt said that he was going to leave without her.  She didn’t know which was back, until she found the stream, giving her all the power again.  They both walked on for another hour and a half.  Kate then decided that it was time to go back, and they both went back.  At that instant a red snake slithered past Matt’s foot.  Kate said that it was poisonous right as it jumped up to Matt’s face. They both started to run.  The snake could jump faster then they could run, so they climbed up a tree to get away from the snake.  Matt climbed up higher to make room for Kate, and came face to face with some bones.  They decided that this was her grandfather’s creature, and to keep it a secret between just the two of them.

Chapter 10: Shipshape, page 152

When Matt and Kate returned from the jungle, Miss simpkins and the captain were talking.  She was complaining on how she hadn't seen kate for a long time.  She was very unhappy that Matt and Kate were in the jungle alone, but Kate saved him by saying he was her Chaperone in the jungle.  the captain wasn't very happy that Matt was late, but he didn't put it in his records.  that day the crew spent time unloading the ship to make it lighter.  One man was unhappy about having to lose his antiques, but the captain assured him that another ship will be by to pick them up.  Late that night, after diner, Kate asked Matt when they could go see the bones again.  Mat didn't really want to go, but Kate said she'd ask Lundarni.  This made Matt extremely jealous, and he blew up in her face.  She quickly apologized and said that she was just joking.  Matt gave in and said that they would go see the bones at first light.  Matt still couldn't sleep at night.

Chapter 11: The One that Fell, page 162

This chapter starts with Kate taking pictures of the creature’s bones.  Kate was taking pictures from every angle possible.  She then started to number them with per pencil, while Matt took it apart and put it in a carpet bag.  Mat wondered how the creature died, then decided that it looked too perfect just to have died, and landed this way on the branch, so he decided that it had gotten sick, landed on this branch and died.  Just as they had finished up they heard the sound of a parrot dieing, they saw it.  It was the same species as the skeleton, but instead of flying it leapt from tree to tree.  They chased it, but it got away.  Kate wanted to see it again, so did Matt.  They had both decided that it was the one that fell That Kate’s grandpa saw.  They needed a name for the species.  Matt wanted Cloud cat, but didn’t think could would like it.  Just then the weather changed for the worst.

Chapter 12: Shipwrecked, page 186

The storm was very strong, and Matt and Kate stunbled through the jungle.  Mat found a cave, and brought Kate inside.  Matt talked about why he hated the ground.  He hated it because he always felt that he would be unhappy here because of his fathers death, and that if he was in the sky, he was closer to his father and would be able to outrun the happiness.  The rain and the wind died down.  Matt smelled Mangos, and heard a hiss behind him.  Run! he told Kate.  They ran towards the ship.  When they arrived the ship was in bad condition.  The whole left side of the ship had a huge tear in it, and the whole ship was leaning to one side.  The crew was holding her mooring lines to keep her steady.  The captain saw Matt, and gave him a look of dissappointment.  matt quickly ran to help.  Later the Captain had a meeting and told the crew that there was not enough hydrium to fly.  Chef Vlad said that they wouldn't starve, and there was a stream nearby for enough water.Bruce suggested that they vent the remaining hydrium into a balloon and send a message.  The captain like this Idea.  Later Matt was sent for water.  On the return trip he saw the Sailmakers cut through a hydrium sack.  He smelled the Mangos, and remembered the cave.  He told the sailmakers to stop.  They wondered why, and were angry with him for delying their work.  The captain came by and asked what was wrong.  Matt told the captain about the cave of Hydirum.  The sailmakers asked how they could possibly get it to the ship.  Matt said that they could pump it through the rubber hosing they had unpacked the other day.  the captain liked the idea, and changed the plans for the ship.

Chapter 13: Hydrium, page 204

Mr. Levy smelled the hydrium in the cave.  This was a relief to Matt; he didn’t want to lead them to a mango tree and a den of vipers.  Captain Walken said that they would begin the tubing work in the morning.  Mat couldn’t sleep so he went to the theater and watched the movie Gilgamesh.  This movie reminded him about his dad.  His dad had died patching the ship during a storm, and fell off into the ocean.  That morning Matt guided the pipeline crew to the cave.  It was a long process, but they got it done.  As Matt boarded the ship Miss Simpkins came down the hall with a bone in her hand.  He talked to the Captain about it, who asked Matt to join him in his cabin to talk about the bone.  Matt then described that they weren’t grave digging, but found the bone in the tree.  The captain and Miss Simpkins decided it was best to not allow either of the two to see each other.

Chapter 14: Nest, page 218

That night Matt had a good nights sleep, because the Aurora was floating.  That morning Baz came in and said that Kate was missing, and that he should go to the topkapi stateroom if he was still onboard.  He went there, and the captain was happy to see him.  He asked if matt knew where Kate was, he said no, but he might know where she could be.  So the captain sent him and Bruce to go find her.  They tracked through the Jungle, passed the bone tree, and climbed down the steep cliffs till they found her.  She was in a tree trying to get a picture of the Cloud Cat.  Matt wanted to go, but she wouldn’t.  The Cat came, but Kate didn’t get a picture.  So she lured it out with a fish.

Chapter 15: The Cloud Cat, page 239

Bruce had set the fish in the middle of the clearing; both he and the fish stunk.  Very soon after the cloud cat came and ate the fish.  She had sharp teeth and quickly ripped it apart.  It could smell fish, but it didn’t know from where.  Just then Kate took the picture of the creature, and it knew where the fish scent was coming from.  Bruce stood up and ran, and the cat chased after him.  Mat remembered Kate’s grandpa’s log on how they hate the look of his spyglass, so he grabbed Kate’s and chased after the cat.  He scared it long enough for Bruce to run away, but couldn’t scare it enough for them to escape.  He dropped the spy glass, the cat pounced and they ran for the clearing.

Chapter 16: Rescue, page 246

In the clearing they escaped the Cat, but the sun was blotted out.  They looked up and saw the pirate’s airship.  They ship landed, and Kate thought that it was a rescue.  Matt tried to quite her, but she got their attention.  They decided that they would lie, and say that they were shipwrecked din the typhoon, and that Kate’s mom had died.  They told their story to Szpirglas, which worked well.  He led them to a village.  In the village Szpirglas talked to a boy, his son named Theodore, and told him many stories about his travels.  He then fed them all.  After the food Szpirglas came back and talked with them some more, and Kate really played up her father.  Matt was unhappy that she was playing her father up so much, and soon realized that they had been given alcohol in their juice.  Kate told him that acting up her father wasn’t bad, and that she wasn’t drunk.  They then went over their plan to escape.  They would leave that night, and meet in the clearing.

Chapter 17: The Pit, page 270

Szpirglas gave his Hammock to Matt.  He was unhappy about this because it would make it harder to escape, but he didn't act displeased because it was too suspicious.  He purposely left his boots on to make the trip easier, but Szpirglas caught him, so he took them off.  Szpirglas slept directly under Matt.  Matt waited a while before starting his escape.  He knew that he couldn't go outside the door because someone had fallen asleep by it, so he had to go out the window.  He walked along the hammock, then jumped through the open window.  He made a lot of noise, but no one did anything, so he assumed no one woke up.  He ran towards the clearing, and waited a long time for Kate to show up, but she never did.  So he ran back to find Kate.  He looked into the windows of each bungalow.  He saw the pirates' bunkhouse, and Theodore's room, and then Kate's.  She was asleep.  He climbed in through the window, and woke her up.  They went to leave, and opened the door.  In the doorway was Szpirglas.  He had recognized Matt from the pervious day.  He then took Matt and Kate to the pit.  The pit was a hydrium filled cave, that would make it impossible to breath.  Szpirglas talked about having to keep his island safe, and that he already had to kill a balloon pilot, but didn't like to kill. To try and save Kate she gave him her real address, but he pushed them both in anyway.  Matt found a small pocket of air at the bottom of the cave and told Kate to breath it.  He felt the hydrium fill his shirt, and lift up his arm.  He got an idea.  He told kate ballooon, and started to take off her pants.  he tied knots in them at each pant leg, and had Kate hold on.  They both rose to the cieling where Matt kicked the door open.  Kate put her pants back on, and they ran through the forest.  They both collapsed by a stream.  Matt then Kissed Kate.  She said that they could get into a lot of trouble by the kiss, but to do it again.  She said that this was the second time that she had ever been kissed.  The first was just a few seconds earlier by Matt.  They ran back to the beach, where they saw Szpirglas inside the Aurora.

Chapter 18: Ship Taken, page 288

Bruce saw Matt and Kate, and said Matt's name.  Bruce then told the story of how he got to the ship.  It took him a long time to travel through the forest, but when he made it back to the ship, the pirates had already taken it.  The three then debated on what they were going to do.  Kate just wanted to go in, and kill them all, but they decided that that was impossible.  Bruce and Matt then fought over authority, Bruce claimed that he was a higher rank, which really made Matt mad, but Kate stopped the fight.  They eventually decided to sneak in.They went in through the rudder.  Inside the ship they looked at Bruce's wounds, they were bad.  Mat then decided he would go and check out the rest of the ship.  He crawled down on top of the A deck and crawled through the vents.  There were eight pirates total.  He heared them order chef Vlad to cook some food for them.  The Pirates then went into the kitchen and talked about what they were going to do with the ship.  Szpirglas said that they were going to kill the crew, gut the ship, and send her flying while on fire.  Matt then went down to B deck, strangely there were no pirates.  He grabbed some medecine, and a sleeping elixir from the doctors office.  He then set off to return to Bruce.  On his way he saw the cloud cat inside the ship, but she wasn't an immediate threat.  He got to Bruce, and started to clean and dress his wound.  They decided that they were going to fly the ship.  Bruce was going to cut the mooring lines, and Kate and Matt were going to stop the pirates.  After that Kate and Matt set off towards the Kitchen to give Vlad the sleeping elixir to put in the pirates food.  On their way they ran into some pirates.  The two of them quickly got under the cat walk, and listend to their plans with the engines.  They were going to take 3 of  them, and leave just one to keep the ship flying.  They then continuned onto the kitchen.  Matt squoze into the dumbwaiter, and kate pushed it up.  when arrived up top chef Vlad didn't hear the dumbwaiter bell, so Matt tapped on the window.  Vlad came over to him right as a pirate walked in.  Vlad kept the pirate busy by saying he had the wrong type of wine.  He then took the elixir from Matt, gave him some good soup to eat, and poured the elixir into the soup.  The dumbwaiter went down.  Matt looked out the window, but couldn't see Kate.

Chapter 19: Airborne, page 313

Kate quickly crawled out from under a cabinent, and freed Matt.  She hid because a pirate walked past the kitchen going to the bathroom.  Kate and Matt then went along the sides of the ship unhooking the mooring lines, where they saw the cloud cat again.  They then returned to the rear control car where they found Bruce.  They rehearsed the launching procedure twice.  They then went through with the plan.  Matt was supposed to cut the stern line, but it would not come off.  He was forced to run to the spike in the ground.  He ran there and untied the knot right as the pirates came out of the the forest.  Matt ran towards the ship, but it was already taking off.  He grabbed onto the line and climbed back in.  The three of them then quickly left the controll car, but two pirates saw them leave.  They quickly ran into the cargo holds and locked the door.  Matt told Bruce and Kate to hide, while he went behind some controls.  The pirates went after Matt, and he opened the door of the bay and the pirates fell into the ocean.  Matt then felt the ship turning.  He knew that Szpirglas was inside the controll car redirecting them towards the island.  He then had the group turn off the engines.  Bruce was assigned the back two, while Kate and Matt got the front two.  Matt and Kate both climbed down into one engine car and shut off a valve.  Matt wasn't sure if it was the right one, so he stayed while Kate went to the other one.  Luckily it was the right one.  However, a pirate was climbing down the ladder into the car.  Matt quickly slipped out, and climbed up the ladder once he got into the car, and locked the latch to the engine car.  However, they both were caught by Crumlin.

Chapter 20: Airborn, page 330

Crumlin had Kate held by the other arm.  He forced them to walk towards the rest of the crew and passengers, but the stew had already started to take effect.  Another pirate was approaching them, but he was stumbling.  Crumlin asked what was wrong, but was feeling the same way himself.  Just then the cloud cat jumped down.  Crumlin shot at it, and hit the other pirate in the throat.  Matt then took the opprotunity to knock the gun from his hand.  They both then ran towards the back of the ship.  Matt looked back to see the cloud cat killing Crumlin.  Matt didn't know whether it was revenge, or just that it smelled the fish from the stew on him.  As they reached the back of the ship Matt heard one engine off.  He rounded the corner, only to see Bruce laying on the floor with a bullet in his Head.  As Matt examinedh im, the engine fired up again.  matt ran to close the hatch and lock it, but Szpirglas beat him to the Hatch.  Matt started to run up the ship, and Szpirglas shot at him multiple times.  At the top of a ladder Matt threw some patching glue all over Szpirglas, and clogged his gun, making it useless.  Matt then raced to the exterior of the ship.  The could cat jumped after him.  Matt ran towards the back of the ship to avoid the cat as Szpirglas came out the rear crows nest.  Szpirglas asked how Matt survived the Pit.  Matt answered "I flew".  Szpirglas retored, "then fly again" as he threw him off the ship.  Matt hit the rudder, and held on.  Szpirglas came down to him, and tried to pry him off.  Much to Matt's surprize he saw the Cloud Cat streatch its wings and fly.  the cat then came and hit Szpirglas in the cheek, causing him to loose his balance.  After that a whole flock of cloud cats came and attacked Szpirglas.  He fell, and as he fell the cloud cats ate his body.  Matt used Szpirglas' safety line to climb back into the ship.

Chapter 21: At Anchor, page 347

6 Months Later

the new exhibition case was crowded with many people, all trying to see the skeleton of the new species.  Mat finally saw it.  THe skeleton was erassembled with a wire frame, in a new pose with its wings spread out in a strong pose.  Kate walked up to Matt and greeted him.  He remembered her presentation and how she was so strong while delivering it, and being able to answer all the questions that the audience had.  They talked a little bit about the cat, and about Miss Simpkins was not with them that moment.  She said that by not telling her parents about how she had acted on the Island, she gave her more freedom.  The two of them then went and got tea.  They talked about Paris, and how Matt was still happiest aloft.  He thought to himself about how his dreams with his father in it kept him going.  They then talked about Kate's parents, and how they were actually proud over her, and probably are going to send her to the academy.  Kate then gave Matt his compass back, and talked about returning to the island.  Matt promised that he would go with her.  The two of them then watched the Aurora dock at the Eiffel tower.  They talked about which academy Matt would study at, and he decided he would study at Paris.  They both then watched as the Aurora set sail again.